Leonardo Padura

Havana Blue

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The previous two Padura novels, Havana Red and Havana Black were widely praised in the US and the UK and are in their third reprints. They are Bitter Lemon’s best selling titles with sales of over 15,000. Padura’s masterful prose and eye for detail evoke the Havana that millions of tourists have come to know: crumbling architecture, peeling paintwork and a pulsating, searing sensuality beneath the tropical sun. With a growing reputation in the U.S we expect reviews to continue to support Padura in Publishers Weekly, The New York Times Books Review (Marion Stasio is a fan), Washington Post Book World, and by both mystery and literary reviewers on www: Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind.com, I Love a Mystery, Cluelass Reviews, BookSlut.com, NatCreole.com, ChasingRay.com, and more. Examples of previous Padura reviews: “Another winner from Bitter Lemon Press.” New York Times “Conde’s quest follows the basic rhythm of the whodunit, but Padura syncopates it with brilliant riffs on Cuban sex, society, religion, even food.” The Independent “Well-plotted second volume of the seething, steaming Havana Quartet. … Padura grounds his tale against a backdrop of governmental corruption, the broken promises of the Cuban revolution and the difficult relations between those Cubans who fled the Castro regime and those who stayed.” Publishers Weekly “Padura’s powerful writing creates an atmospheric picture of a turbulent city, illuminated by
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