Lawrence Block,Laird Barron,Russell Johnson,Matt Burgess,Joseph S. Walker,Ahreeda Ryter,Edward Musto,Karen Harrington,S.E. Bailey,Thomas Belton

Mystery Tribune / Issue Nº19

Issue Nº19 features:

A curated collection of short fiction including stories by Laird Barron, Lawrence Block, Joseph S. Walker, Ahreeda Ryter, Thomas Belton, S.E Bailey, Edward Musto, Russell W. Johnson, Karen Harrington, and Matt Burgess.

Essays, Interviews and Reviews by J.B. Stevens, Mark Westmoreland, and Nev March.

Art and Photography by Szymon Jędrzejewski and Dimitri Bourriau.

This issue also features a preview of the new graphic novel Wynd by James Tynion IV.

NY Times Bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman has called Mystery Tribune “a cut above” and mystery grand masters Lawrence Block and Max Allan Collins have praised it for its “solid fiction” and “the most elegant design”.

An elegantly crafted quarterly issue, printed on uncoated paper and with a beautiful layout designed for optimal reading experience, our Issue Nº19 issue will make a perfect companion or gift for avid mystery readers and fans of literary crime fiction.
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