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And the Flowers Showered

Using eleven Zen stories as a starting point and diving deep into their mysterious world, he then weaves his magical clarity on many diverse contemporary topics. From the true meaning of happiness to an understanding of the process of death, it's all here. To begin reading this book is to commence a journey into the world of wonder.Buddha’s disciple Subhuti is showered with blossoms upon experiencing sublime emptiness. But isn’t emptiness usually an absence of something? Through his commentary on this seemingly strange tale, Osho illuminates the vast difference between a negative and a sublime emptiness.
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    Alma Balmagambetovamembuat kutipan18 hari yang lalu
    Because true nature is always there. It never arises and never sets, it is always there. Anger arises, goes; hate arises, goes; your so-called love arises, goes. Your nature is always there.
    Alma Balmagambetovamembuat kutipan20 hari yang lalu
    If a husband wants to fight, he will beat his wife; and if the wife wants to fight, she will beat herself. This is as old as woman – and woman is older than man! She will start beating herself; that is her way to fight. She is violent, violent against herself. And remember, beating a woman you will feel guilty, and sooner or later you will have to come down and make a com
    Alma Balmagambetovamembuat kutipan24 hari yang lalu
    Compassion is an inner air conditioning. Suddenly everything is cool and beautiful, and nothing can disturb you, and the whole existence is transformed into a friend. Now there is no more enemy…because when you look through the eyes of anger, somebody becomes an enemy; when you look through the eyes of compassion, everybody is a friend, a neighbor. When you love, everywhere is God; when you hate, everywhere is the Devil. It is your standpoint that is projected onto reality.

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