M.L. Ronn

Indie Author Confidential Vol. 4

This book is also available in the Indie Author Confidential Anthology series, where you can get all the books in this series in bundles.

The ground-breaking, behind-the-scenes look at a working writer continues with Vol. 4!

Prolific writer M.L. Ronn (Michael La Ronn) shares his lessons learned on his journey to become a successful writer. You’ll discover writing, marketing, business, and other miscellaneous tips that you don’t hear every day.

Covered in this volume:
• How Michael dictated an entire novel on an exercise bike
• Michael’s editing data and analytics project that reduced the errors in his books by over 30%
• A troubling problem ahead with book cover designers

The information in this book is what writers discuss over beers at writing conferences. You may find it useful on your journey to becoming a successful writer. It just might make you more money and help you satisfy your readers, too.

Are you ready to dive into the world of Indie Author Confidential?

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