Jacky Hyams

White Boots & Miniskirts – A True Story of Life in the Swinging Sixties

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London, 1966, was a time when anything seemed possible, especially for a young, free-spirited girl in search of adventure. With pop music, fashion and youth culture at its height London was the most 'swinging' city on earth and the outlook was optimistic. In the follow-up to her bestselling memoir Bombsites and Lollipops, Jacky Hyams takes a look back to the years that changed Britain forever. A time of miniskirts, sexual-freedom, and spies from behind the Iron Curtain. But the excitement of the Swinging Sixties was to only last a decade and by 1970 things had turned bleaker. With wry humor and honesty, Jacky tells how the revolutionary fervor became the cash-strapped Seventies and how her search for love and success bridged the two.
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