Jennifer Faris

Running for My Life

According to the researchers, running is the best cardio exercise that helps to reduce the weight and keep it at a healthy level. At the same time, this practice requires no special equipment or coach to do it. Running is a straightforward and affordable way to support the sports lifestyle!

Doing sports over the years, a person can even develop his heart in size and volume, making its work more efficient. Even for the people with high blood pressure, low-intensity exercise can help to reduce and stabilize blood pressure. Yoga, Pilates, Nordic walking, swimming, and low intensity running are good examples.

Additionally, our muscles become stronger as a result of exercise. Regular physical effect stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the muscle tissue. More blood vessels mean better conductivity of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells. In other words, our muscle gets more oxygen, vitamins, minerals and macronutrients, and hence recover faster.

Most people do not even suspect about the benefits of running! But there are plenty of them! Recent revolutionary scientific research opened to the public one more interesting fact. After you learn it, you’ll surely go to buy running shoes!

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