Kim Newman

The Quorum

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“Fascinating… Witty and Sage.” Library Journal. In the polluted River Thames, a monster is born. Formed of filth and grime, Derek Leech emerges from the murky depths, destined to found a global media empire. In 1978, three school friends with high aspirations—Michael, Mark and Mickey—are offered a deal by the mysterious magnate. If they agree, their future wealth will be ensured, but they must offer Leech a sacrifice in return, a conspiracy of lifelong pain against their absent friend, Neil. Accepting the terms, the men prosper over the next fifteen years. But as the era of excess comes to an end, the trio must pay the price for their success, and they soon discover that fame and fortune is a fate worse than death. A brand-new edition of the critically acclaimed novel, featuring five short stories by the award-winning author. “Newman's sprinting intensity… puts him into the first rank of current horror novelists.” Booklist “Fans of 'Deal with the Devil' stories ought to be delighted with this novel… which brings a new twist or two to the genre.” Publishers Weekly
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