Harry Barry

Flagging the Problem

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Flagging the Problem uses a new way of identifying and dealing with mental health problems using colour coded flags by a medical doctor with extensive experience in the treatment of mental health issues. As society undergoes rapid change and the pace of modern life seems ever faster, it is unsurprising that the issue of mental health has become more prominent and, thankfully, more openly discussed – and the provision of treatment better and more widely available. Flagging The Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health is made up of five main sections. Each is marked with a coloured flag, represents a particular mental state or area of concern: Green Flag explains the normal mood system, the Red Flag deals with depression, the Yellow Flag addresses anxiety, the Purple Flag deals with addiction and the White Flag addresses the issue of suicide. There is a technical section, and extra appendices at the end of the book, including information on self-help groups and a list of commonly used medicines.
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