Brian Norman

The Ridiculously Simple Guide to the Next Generation iPad Pro

The iPad has long been a companion to the computer; it’s the device you use casually when your computer isn’t practical. But computer replacement? That’s a bit of a stretch. Until now!
The next generation iPad Pro has introduced a level of power that is making a lot of people think twice about replacing their computer outright for the tablet. Is it time for you to make the leap?
This book introduces you to the newest iPad’s and shows you things brand new to generation: notably new gestures that have been introduced because there is no longer a Home button, and what you need to know about the newest Apple Pencil.
This guide is for the user who needs to know all the basics to get started in as little time as possible.
I purposely have written this guide to be a little more casual and fun then what you expect from most iPad Pro guides. The iPad is a fun gadget, and any guide you read should be an equally fun read.
Each chapter starts with bullet points on what will be covered, so if something you already know, you can skip right ahead; if you only need to know how to use new features, the book is also formatted in a way that these stand out.
Whether you are thinking about switching from a computer to an iPad, or if you want to use both, but just want to learn your way around iOS 12, then this guide will cover what you need to know.
Are you ready to start enjoying the newest iPad Pro? Then let’s get started!
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