Robert P DeGroot

Strategic Sales Plan

The Strategic Sales Plan is designed to help you identify the steps in your sales process that must be done to win business to business sales.
Beginning in 1988 and up to the present time, we analyzed thousands of sales, across industries, to discover why sales failed and how they were won.
This research led to a comprehensive diagnostic sales process consisting of 44 essential steps in the consultative value selling process used by sales professionals who sell solutions to meet their customers’ functional, business, and human needs.
The objective is to find your patterns of steps that when missed cause sales to fail and to find the pattern of steps that when done, cause sales to be won.
Get started by validating each step for what you sell by identifying the consequences of not doing it and then reviewing your sales to find your patterns for both losses and wins.
At the end of this process, you’ll have a validated checklist of sales process steps for what you sell that you can use to guide you to “cause more sales.” Now that’s a great sales tool.
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