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Ielts Vocabulary Word – Common 500+ Words

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Do you need to:
– Improve your English vocabulary quickly and effectively?
– Become a more fluent non-native speaker of English?
– Succeed in important English language examinations, such as TOEFL?
If you’re someone who is about to take the TOEFL exam, then you’re about to discover how to dramatically increase your score!
– A list of words that, you’ll want to learn because they are fundamental to your success
– The right words to learn; don’t waste your time on unnecessary words
– Full and clear descriptions, specific for non-native English speakers like YOU
So, if you’re serious about not only passing the TOEFL but you must achieve a high score…whether it’s for visa, study or work purposes, then you need to get this list right now!
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    şəms.membuat kutipantahun lalu

    v. to cancel by authority; to terminate; to abolish
    şəms.membuat kutipantahun lalu

    v. to shorten; to limit; to condense
    şəms.membuat kutipantahun lalu

    v. to encourage; to support

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