Andy McNab,Carl von Clausewitz

On War - an Andy McNab War Classic

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Introduction by SAS and Gulf War hero Andy McNab DCM MM

Includes all three volumes of On War’s 1908 edition

Every diagram and map from Von Clausewitz’s original

Translated by Col JJ Graham

Bonus material: Introductions and notes by Col FN Maude, CB

Bonus material: A memoir of Von Clausewitz by his translator

Beautifully formatted in this Apostrophe Books edition

On War is one of the most influential books ever written on the subject of conflict.

Its author, Prussian General Carl von Clausewitz (1780–1831), is often credited with masterminding what is now known as “complete war” – conflict with the all-out backing of the state, and his teachings have been embraced by figures as diverse as US President Dwight Eisenhower and Lenin.

Focusing on the philosophy of war, Von Clausewitz’s book says conflict cannot be waged on a map and devises a series of timeless strategies to defeat the enemy in the most efficient manner possible.

“To introduce into the philosophy of war a principle of moderation would be an absurdity,” he wrote.

The masterpiece is presented in this beautifully-produced Apostrophe Books edition with an introduction by Gulf War legend and bestselling author Andy McNab – the British Army’s most highly decorated serving soldier when he left the SAS.
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