Bridgitte Lesley

In the Dark

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Grace moved in to the ranch house with the two little tots. She was new to the area and didn’t know a soul. She knew it would be a lot of work to get the ranch up and running. But she was prepared to take on the challenge.

Things didn’t go as planned. Even though she had paid her deposit for the electricity it hadn’t been switched on. Causing a delay with every single thing. But it was something they endured and got used to. Grace took matters into her own hands and the entire town was in the dark for the following week. The power outage affected every single person in town.

Trevor watched Grace day in and day out. He could not make head or tail of her and the two little children who called her Gran Grace. She looked far too young to be their gran. The day that he pulled over and spoke to Grace things changed.

The term bachelor would no longer apply. He was very curious about Grace. It wasn’t long and Trevor realized how he felt about her.
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