Victor Hugo

The Last Day of a Condemned Man

A short novel about the final hours of a man sentenced to death, “The Last Day of a Condemned Man” can be read as a social critique and revolt against the institution of the death penalty. The protagonist wakes up every day with the same thought in his head, and a small grain of hope in his heart. He recalls his past errors of the time before his imprisonment, painting a sympathetic and apologetic picture of human condition. But his path does not lead backwards, only forward. And there awaits the guillotine.

Victor Hugo (1802–1885) was a prolific French poet, playwright, novelist, essayist, and statesman. His name is often associated with the Romantic movement in France. He was also an ardent politician, supporting republicanism. His best known works include “Les Miserables”, “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame”, “The Man Who Laughs”, witnessing countless big screen adaptations.
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