Elizabeth Garzarelli

How to Get Recruited On Linkedin

This is a short e-booklet of about 25 pages.
You and your colleague have been at the same company for three years, in the same role, and you both have impressive college degrees and work really hard. You're both ready for the next step up. Yet your colleague gets contacted for really sexy jobs by executive recruiters a couple times a month, while you….well, almost never. What's going on?
My guess is that your colleague has a Linkedin profile that looks inviting to recruiters, while yours does not. My name is Elizabeth Garzarelli, and as a researcher at an executive recruiting firm, I literally look at hundreds and hundreds of Linkedin profiles every day; thousands over the course of a year. The ones that attract my attention share some common elements that I am going to share with you. Making a few small tweaks to the way that your Linkedin profile appears can mean the difference between career growth with new challenge and additional compensation, or stagnating at a dead-end job where you're bored and underpaid. In this little e-book, I'll share with you the small, easy changes that you can make that will make you much more appealing to recruiters.
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