Cara Heilmann

Confessions of the Accidental Career Coach

Confessions of the Accidental Career Coach helps those who want to start their own self-sustaining business and not worry about money — start now! Cara Heilmann, CEO of Ready Reset Go® and bestselling author of The Art of Finding the Job You Love, has trained many people to become profitable career coaches. Confessions of the Accidental Career Coach helps readers obtain the tools they need to start making a difference in others’ lives. Within Confessions of the Accidental Career Coach, readers learn:

Why so many coaches fail in their first year—and what they can do to avoid itHow getting clear on their ideal client makes everything easier How to help their client answer the question, “What do I want to do when I grow up?” How connecting with love during the sales process is the most effective — even if they hate sales How they can have the confidence to support their clients Begin the journey today of launching a thriving career coaching business and making a difference in this world with Confessions of the Accidental Career Coach.
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