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Eat & Sleep: Eat These Foods to Sleep Better

Do you often find that your sleep patterns are disrupted? Have you tried sleeping pills, herbal remedies and other things to help you nod off? Have you ever considered your diet may be to blame?

It’s true that our diet can affect many things, from our weight, the condition of our skin and the functions of our organs. But were you aware that certain foods can promote better sleep?

This book, Eat & Sleep: Eat These Foods to Sleep Better, was written explicitly to help you understand this amazing fact and what you can do to influence your sleep cycle in a positive way, with chapters on:

The types of food that promote good sleep
Foods that provide an energy kick
Alternative therapies for sleep apnea
3 natural cures to help you sleep better
5 things you can do tonight, that will give you a better sleep
And more…

Not getting enough sleep, apart from being bad for our bodies, can also affect our relationships, moods and work productivity.

By getting the proper amount of quality, restful sleep you can improve virtually any aspect of your life and with Eat & Sleep: Eat These Foods to Sleep Better you have the perfect book to help you with every step.
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