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Pyrography for Beginners Handbook

Do you believe in the saying, “The best person to guide you is the one few steps ahead of you!”?

While doing my Engineering, I realized this fact that just before the exam if you require minimal, to the point, useful and applicable information to pass the examination, your friend/colleague who has gone through the subject and appeared for the exam just last week is the best Go to Person.

That person may not be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) like the professors teaching for years but is the best bet to solve your immediate problem.

So are you a beginner in Pyrography or Wood Burning & looking for a friend and colleague for informal guidance? Your search for that colleague ends here. I sincerely want to take you through that first step and prepare you for your first Pyrography Project!

Why Pyrography?

Of all the crafts I have practiced, Pyrography is the most value for money. It gives me immense satisfaction and serves the purpose for which I practice the art on the weekends. (i.e., to unwind from my regular job)

The best part is this art has got something for everyone.

If you are a beginner, get a scrap wood and use your existing soldering pen to start the artwork. Later, you can shift to a proper burner. If you like calligraphy, you can burn letters. A friend of mine is a space enthusiast, and he is making space ships!

With experience, you master the art of shading, which gives depth to the artwork. Drawing hair, fur, or skin of an animal takes time, but it is worthwhile to put the effort.

What I love about this skill is that it makes one of the best presents for the loved ones. As the art ages with time, it leaves a memorable piece of history to your loved ones.

About the Book

It is not a traditional book but an effort from your friend to present the experience and discussions while learning this art in the last few years.

I have made many wood and leather burning projects over the years and interacted with fellow crafters. This book is the crux of all those learnings and experiences over the years.

This book provides a minimalistic approach to the information required to start your first Pyrography project. It covers:

Introduction to the art: The history and steps involved

Tools: All about tools involved: Detailed instructions on using Wood Burner including different tips

Designing, Tracing, and Shading: I must say the shading part only comes by practicing!

Coloring, Polishing, and Finishing

Safety Instructions: Very important and highlighted all through the book

Step by Step instructions on 10 starter projects with pictures

Frequently Asked Questions (All the ones I could remember and not covered in other chapters)

Sample Designs: Mandala, Tiger, Dragon, and more.

I still remember the initial doubts I had and the tips which helped me.

This book is for people who are in their first lap of Pyrography journey and want to have a holistic idea of processes, tools, and need help in their initial projects.

I have included photographs of realistic projects of beginners explaining the process and standard operating procedure while starting.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this updated book and start your Pyrography Journey Today!
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