Jonathan Reuvid

Investors' Guide to the United Kingdom 2012/13

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This new, fully updated fifth edition of Investors' Guide to the United Kingdom provides an authoritative and essential guide to the current investment climate in the United Kingdom. This includes the principal sectors of opportunity for foreign investors, the grants and incentives available, the financial sector and the laws and business regulations that affect foreign investors.
In its World Investment Report 2012, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) confirmed the UK as the largest recipient of foreign direct investment stock in Europe. The Ernst & Young European Attractiveness Survey 2010 found that the UK is the most attractive location for investment in Europe. This reflects its enterprise culture, business-friendly employment laws, world-class support services and relatively benign fiscal policies.

Aimed at foreign businesses of all sizes, from multinationals to SMEs and private investors in the UK, this unique guide offers in-depth briefings on the technical aspects of investment as well as business start-up, covering topics such as:

Grants and incentives Company formation Financial reporting Business taxation Banking and Finance Local Enterprise Partnerships Commercial law Intellectual property Immigration Pensions and benefits Mergers & acquisitions Joint ventures Private equity and venture capital, AIM market of the London Stock Exchange
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