Randy Stevens

Advanced Beekeeping

Why anyone can turn their love for beekeeping into more than a satisfying hobby (including a business in your backyard)

Are you looking for a way to reconnect with nature in this stressful world?

Have you been thinking of finding a unique, fascinating hobby, or a new way of income?

Do the news of the decline in bees’ populations terrify you?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then beekeeping is just the perfect match for you.

The shelves of grocery stores are filled with overly processed, sweet liquid that can’t really be called “honey”. With your own little apiary, you can have direct access to top-quality honey and bee products, all of which have astonishing health benefits.

Furthermore, you can help save the planet. Bees have been around for 100 million years, but recently their populations have decreased rapidly:

⚫by 40% in the US since 2006

⚫by 25% in Europe since 1985

⚫by 45% in the UK since 2010

The Food and Agriculture Organization predicts that if the trend continues, by 2035 the common honeybee might disappear. Why not aid the issue by taking care of a couple of colonies?

Even though it might sound intimidating at first, starting your journey into beekeeping can go smoothly and quickly. This book will provide you with the knowledge you need to launch a sustainable, healthy bee sanctuary…and turn it into a successful business if you want to.

Follow the footsteps of start like Scarlett Johansson, Morgan Freeman, Bruce Springsteen, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michelle Obama and become a treasured carer for those precious pollinators, even without any previous experience.

Thanks to “Advanced Beekeeping”, you will discover:

⚫The full spectrum of bee products and their unique health benefits

⚫8 simple tips to raising your bees in the most natural way

⚫Answers to 10 most common questions about biodynamic beekeeping, and how to implement it in 6 easy steps

⚫Tools and techniques for providing your bees with the best housing there is

⚫How to provide a healthy, stress-free environment for bees with the help of nature

⚫How to keep your bee colonies happy and safe without interfering with their natural strategies

⚫Secrets of preparing simple and effective medicines and cosmetics using everything your little friends will have to offer

⚫8 proven steps that will help you start earning money from beekeeping

And much more.

But wait, you may think, I don’t have a sprawling ranch for all the hives.

Don’t worry — you don’t need one. You can easily and safely have a couple of beehives in your backyard, on your roof or on your balcony. Beekeeping is not just for those with swathes of land and hundreds of colonies.

Whether you want some premium quality bee products for yourself, or you want to turn it into a small business, this book will help you get a jumpstart into beekeeping.

With everything from the very basics to creating a goldmine of a business plan, this book is a must-have for you if you too are dreaming of starting your very own apiary.

You too can feel the buzz of excitement when you join the ranks of the planet’s heroes. Just click “Add to cart” above and start your beekeeping adventure.
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