Alan D.DeSantis

Inside Greek U

This study examines the potentially damaging influence of fraternities and sororities—and how a new approach could transform Greek life.
Popular films such as Revenge of the Nerds and Old School portray college Greek organizations as a training ground for malevolent young aristocrats, yet they fail to depict the enduring influence of these organizations. Inside Greek U. provides an in-depth analysis of how fraternities and sororities bolster damaging definitions of gender and sexuality, negatively impacting the lives of their members.
Using evidence gathered in hundreds of focus groups and personal interviews, as well as his years of experience as a faculty advisor to Greek organizations, Alan D. DeSantis examines the limited gender roles available to Greeks: “real men” are unemotional, sexually promiscuous, and violent; “nice girls,” are nurturing, domestic, and pure. These rigid formulations often lead to destructive attitudes and behaviors, such as eating disorders, date rape, sexual misconduct, and homophobia. They also impede students' intellectual and emotional development long after graduation.
While many students choose Greek life in search of positive social engagement, the current culture can be profoundly damaging. Inside Greek U. demonstrates how, with a new approach, fraternities and sororities could serve as an enriching influence on individuals and campus life.
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