Reamonn O'Donnchadha

Be Confident! Discover Your Inner Strength and Take Control of Your Life

Discover your inner strength and take control of your life! Boost your confidence and live a healthy, happy life with Be Confident!, the ultimate guide to taking control of your life.
Stop looking to therapists, counsellors, life trainers and other helpers – start trusting yourself! By focusing on your inner confidence, you will transform yourself, how you view the world and how the world views you.
Using case studies, Be Confident! by experienced psychotherapist Dr Réamonn Ó Donnchadha will show you how to take responsibility for yourself and will enable you discover the hidden resources of confidence within you.
With Be Confident!, you will discover how to use your inner confidence to be:Effective in your personal lifeConfident in your ability to communicate effectivelySuccessful as a parentPowerful in your work environmentIn Be Confident!, you will also discover how to prevent issues such as anger, greed, jealousy and hate from blocking your path to growth and change.
Using the wisdom inherited from your extended family, Be Confident! will teach you how to leave behind your dependence on external supports. Build your confidence and discover the hidden resources within you – become aware of who you are and what you are capable of.
Be Confident! will show you that it is within yourself that most help is to be found.
Be Confident!: Table of ContentsIntroductionThe SelfInherited WisdomPowerSurviving in a GroupHaving a SayWhose Issue Is It Anyway?Inclusion and ExclusionBoundary and SpaceParentingSeparation and Attachment Competition, Greed and Perfection Work and PlayAngerFinding the Balance
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