Lauren Smith


One kiss with a stranger on a snowy night sent her life spinning out of control…

Kat Roberts’ logical plan of college then career has hit a brick wall… a tall, dark, and gorgeous, Union Jack of a brick wall.  What happened? The future Earl of Pembroke, Tristan Kingsley, is what happened. Kat stupidly let herself fall for him despite knowing his father would rather dance naked around Big Ben than accept Kat as his son’s girlfriend. Not to mention Tristan’s womanizing past has her own father voting a big fat no way on their relationship too and leaves Kat reeling in the consequences of loving her handsome-as-sin Brit.

Tristan Kingsley isn’t going to let Kat go without a fight. It doesn’t matter that his father wants him to marry an English aristocrat to provide a political and social opportunity. But Tristan won’t be blackmailed by his father. He wants Kat in his life, in his bed, in his heart, so he’s going to fight for the love of his life using the very tabloids that once marked him as a womanizer. Except his brilliant plan has a dangerous back-lash, one nobody saw coming…One that could steal their happy ever after away…

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Lauren Smith


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