Sierra Cartwright


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    orgasm while he concentrated on hers became a struggle.
    “Now, Sarah. Now.”
    With a scream, she shuddered and thrashed before going limp.
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    thrust hard, giving her everything he had, imprisoning her, claiming her. “Come for me, Sarah.”
    “Thank you.”
    Her foot slipped as she sought purchase. He worked one arm between her and the pillow to give her extra support. Then he moistened a finger and worked it into her ass.
    She hissed.
    “That’s it. Give me your orgasm. Give it to me.” He fucked her pussy and moved his finger.
    “Give it to me,” he demanded.
    She bucked against him.
    He moved his forearm slightly to change the angle of her hips. Her internal muscles clenched, milking his cock. His balls drew up in response. Holding back his or
    cybertiffymembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    He bent his knees for leverage then surged up.
    She cried out.
    Her sounds drove him on. He
    cybertiffymembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    Good. You should be frightened. The collar would only be the beginning of what I would demand from you. I wouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than your total honesty. I would want to own every one of your reactions. Even that wouldn’t be enough. I’d want to know your every thought, every fear, every inhibition. I’d want to hear every scream and savor every tear. And I’d demand you turn to me to wipe them. There would be no place for you to hide.”
    The chill in his voice rippled through her.
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    back his chair and stood.
    Her mouth dried as she looked up at him.
    He offered his hand. As if hypnotized, she tossed her napkin next to her plate, then placed her palm against his. An electrical spark shot up her forearm. With inexorable force, he pulled her up.
    “Put your hands on the table,” he instructed when she was only inches from him.
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    He lazed back with his wine. His salad sat in front of him, ignored.
    “I’m not sure what’s going on here.”
    “You wanted to talk, but you also need to be dominated.”
    “I’m not certain about that, Reece.”
    “Honey, the fact that you sought me out proves that. You didn’t seek me out at the bar. You and Julien colluded to set up an elaborate scene. Getting the St Andrew’s cross and my duffel bag took some doing. Now take off your panties or I’ll remove them for you.”
    A little shocked, she sat there.
    Motions calm and controlled, he set down the glass, pushed
    cybertiffymembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    I thought I’d save you the embarrassment of having anyone watch me shackle you to the chair if you started to prevaricate.”
    She gasped.
    “Said for effect only,” he assured her. “I probably won’t tie you up unless you beg me to.”
    Sarah picked up her salad fork.
    With a wicked grin, he added, “Upending you over the table and blazing your ass isn’t out of the question, though.”
    She dropped the fork, and it clattered onto the side of the plate.
    “To make that easier, please remove your underwear.”
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