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Barbara Cartland

The Castle Made for Love

Just eighteen, beautiful and intelligent, Yola Beauharnais lives a blessed Fairy tale life at her magnificent family castle on the Loire.
Then her grandmother announces that she has been promised in marriage by her late beloved father to the Marquis de Montereau. Yola is appalled. She has heard of the Marquis, who, although handsome and sophisticated, has a reputation in Paris as a rake, socialite and ‘ladykiller’. How could she possibly marry such a man, one who wants her only for her castle and the extensive estate?
Determined to marry only for true love, wherever she may find it, Yola is helped by her father’s mistress and travels ‘undercover’ to Paris in the guise of a woman of questionable morals to meet the notorious Marquis and find out for herself whether he might fall in love with her as herself and for herself only.
Or whether she must betray her father’s dying wish and refuse her unwanted suitor.
On meeting the Marquis in her disguise, Yola finds that there is much more to him than his reputation suggests and, as love blossoms between them, she comes to bitterly regret her deception.
Will she really find her true love or will she be condemned to live a life of disappointment and delusion as the Sleeping Beauty of her enchanted castle?
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    stephensonanniemembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    The ‘castle made for love’ in this story is the Castle d’Ussé, built on the edge of the dark mysterious forest of Chinon in the Indre Valley.
    It inspired Perrault to write the tale The Sleeping Beauty. Built in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, it is the most beautiful Fairy tale building I have ever seen.
    The Paris International Exhibition of 1867 was the apotheosis of the Second Empire. Held mainly for political reasons it attracted visitors from all over the world and the list of Royal guests was endless.
    The whole of France became intoxicated with pleasure and pride – pride in its machinery and magnificent Army, pleasure in its money and its beautiful Capital.
    But three years later the Prussians had defeated the French Army at Sedan, the Emperor Louis Napoleon and the Em

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