Vera Komlossy

Crystal Healing and Therapy

With the help of this book you can learn when and how to ask help from you crystals, how to cleanse, handle, energize and program them in order to achieve your aims and wishes. You can learn about the different energies of crystals and you can learn how to use the acquired knowledge in favor of your body, soul and spirit. Physical and mental illnesses can be cured, and the exhausted spirit of yours and others' can be energized by crystals. Crystals are able to clear our thoughts, to raise awareness of our mistakes, to strengthen virtues and skills, and they can cheer us up. They are free of manly emotions, prejudices, negative energies and they are always ready to perform the programmed tasks. They are ready to heal, to guide everyone into the positive energy flow, as they know each souls on Earth since their birth, as they are surrounding us for thousands of years. Since then, they serve us, teach us and help us on the way of life. Impossible it may seem crystals are able to affect our dreams, to free our body from the entrenched negative information, from negative mental programs and they can clear the soul from angst and distress. They heal physical and psychological problems, develop your intuition in order to find fulfillment and happiness in life.
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