John Gray

The President's Affair

“The President’s Affair” is a dramatization of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal. It can be dubbed a “historico-tragi-comedy” and contains elements of all three genres. It is written in Shakespearean metered verse and has many playful allusions to Shakespeare plays.

The play is mainly concerned with the human drama which unfolded in the course of the scandal, with the backdrop of the White House frenzy and the wider acrimonious political context in Washington. It provides the author’s probing into the motives and conduct of the main characters – Monica Lewinsky and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

“The President’s Affair” will appeal to those who combine some acquaintance with Shakespeare with an interest in contemporary American politics, and who love a bit of word-play. The play is well-suited for reading alone or with friends, as well as for stage performance. It can also whet the appetite to dig into Shakespeare.
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