Kimberley King

The Small-Business Guide to Creating Your Employee Handbook

What all great companies have in common is a well-defined set of rules recorded in an easily accessible employee handbook. The Small-Business Guide to Creating Your Employee Handbook provides you with all the information you need to create an understandable set of rules and regulations for your employees to follow. New and current employees will appreciate the information you set out in your employee handbook. It not only provides your employees with company policies but also provides protection against unfair treatment, discrimination, and legal claims. Your handbook will be a valuable communication tool for both your business and your employees. This step-by-step guide will help you define professional conduct, establish health and safety requirements, describe group and other benefits, and construct social media policies. It also provides information on how to make a nondisclosure agreement so employees cannot give information about your company to your competitors, while they are employed by you or after they leave. The CD included with this book contains easy-to-use forms to help you as you prepare your small business’s very own employee handbook.
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