James Cooke

Operations Management

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What the business schools don't teach you to survive and flourish. Putting management theory into practice faces some major challenges. Some of the raw realities of modern work environments require a high level of intuition and judgement over and above scientific methodology alone. This book sets out the hard learnt experience of a senior Scotland Yard officer and centres on three themes: How to develop and look after yourself as an individual manager; how to make operations happen and work successfully; how to develop a high performance team around you. This book has many important messages for new managers, enabling them to survive and eventually flourish whilst guiding more experienced Directors to secure the holy grail of truly exceptional performance. It has equal relevance to those in the public, private and voluntary sector who have to translate strategy into action.
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    improving overall outputs through daily operational consistency, but also initiating projects to solve particular problems and issues.
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    thoroughly understand a situation, to co-ordinating available resources and then having the flair to create a solution that not only meets user needs but is also cost-effective.
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    to handle your line manager, dealing with difficult personnel, building self-confidence, working your way around organisational politics and understanding the intricate dynamics of team leadership

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