Irene Yates

Colours (Activities for 3–5 Year Olds)

Colours: Activities for 3–5 Year Olds contains enjoyable activities to help develop children's essential skills. Recognizing, identifying and being able to name colours are essential steps in the early education of all children. Colour knowledge is an important means of helping children to make comparisons and observe and explore their environment. The practical activities in Colours include: Fun ways of teaching colour recognition and identification, Sorting and matching games, Unusual art and craft ideas and Suggestions for exploring colours in the environment. All the books in the Activities for 3–5 Year Olds Series contain  tried-and-tested activities, linked to the six key areas of learning. They are an invaluable resource of fun, easy-to-use ideas for all early years settings, from preschools and nurseries to reception classes and day nurseries.
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