Kenzaburo Oe

Death by Water

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An astonishing interweaving of myth, fantasy, history and autobiography, Kenzaburo Oe's Death by Water is the shimmering masterpiece of a Nobel Prize-winning author.
For the first time in his long life, Nobel-laureate Kogito Choko is suffering from writer's block. The book that he wishes to write would examine the turbulent relationship he had with his father, and the guilt he feels about being absent the night his father drowned in a storm-swollen river; but how to write about a man he never really knew? When his estranged sister unexpectedly calls, she offers Choko a remedy — she has in her possession an old and mysterious red trunk, the contents of which promise to unlock the many secrets of the man who disappeared from their lives decades before.
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  • Tarlan Asadlimembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    we’ll be indebted to her forever
  • Diego Ivánmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    That was when it finally dawned on me that this was not some fortuitous chance encounter at all.
  • Diego Ivánmembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    So why didn’t I go ahead and start to draft the book? Because I realized clearly that I didn’t possess the literary finesse to pull it off. But even while I was floundering around, not at all certain that I would be able to survive as a young novelist, I remained essentially optimistic. Someday, I vowed, I will write the drowning novel

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