J.l. Ryan

BAD BOY ROMANCE: Bad Boys And Billionaires (A Steamy Bad Boy Romance Boxed Set)

April Edward's life should be so much better than it is. Things have always been easy for her. Then her father is arrested for securities fraud and all of his assets are seized.

April finds herself on her own, with no money and no one to depend on. When her sorority sister gets her a job working as staff at a posh upstate resort, it looks like things might begin looking up.

Then one of the guests gets too grabby, and April is the one who loses her job. As she struggles to figure out what to do, billionaire playboy, Nigel Conroy takes notice of her.

He decides to let her see the other side of the resort as a guest and get the ultimate in revenge — moving on. April is cautious. She is not looking for someone to solve her problems. In Nigel though, she may have found someone to fall in love with.

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J.l. Ryan
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