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If You Are Suddenly Single: A Helpful Guide for Widows On How to Handle Your Finances After the Death of Your Spouse

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A helpful guide for widows on handling your finances after the death of your spouse. Written especially for widows by Certified Financial Planner™ Brad Ledwith, this guide will help you navigate through the financial issues that must be addressed. This book offers insights and strategies gleaned from years of working with widows and case stories compiled from clients’ experiences. Inside you will find advice and guidelines on financial issues that should be tackled right away, decisions that should be postponed, choosing a team of advisors, questions to ask, and checklists and time lines. Also sprinkled within are thoughts from some of Brad’s clients that they share from their own journeys. Along with a wealth of practical information, this book offers hope. From his experience and those of his clients, Brad is confident that you can get through this, that you have the strength within to meet the challenge, to go through the steps of this process and move forward into a good life.
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