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What is Software Testing?

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Brought to you by iLoveTesting this short book has been written for those studying for the ISTQB Foundation Certification — the International Software Testing Certification Standard.

Are you finding the ISTQB Foundation Syllabus difficult to read and understand? Then we think this is the book that will help you. We've spent a lot of time and thought going through the software testing syllabus and distilling it into it's key concepts and lessons, so why waste your time and energy when you can get this easy to read book for a great price.

Are you in the IT industry? We believe that you will find this a valuable reference point for improving the product quality of your software — by improving your understanding of the basic testing concepts e.g. System Testing vs Acceptance Testing and also helping you to learn some tricks that could make your testing faster and cheaper.

Includes access to free Software Testing Videos, Articles and Tools.
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    In short, here are the objectives of testing:

    Identification: Identify defects in the software.
    Confidence: Enable stakeholders to gain confidence in the system's level of quality.
    Decision-making: Provide information for decision-making.
    Prevention: Prevent future bugs by improving the development process and standards.
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    What if it only fails while running the 39th level on an overclocked special edition R2D2 Droid phone in Arabic language mode?
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    They got as far

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