Michelle Love

His Secret baby

Five years ago, my father died when his car's brakes gave out on a cliffside road just outside Monterey. It was no accident.
Armand Rossini, high-ticket international assassin, replaced my father's mechanic that day and did something to that car.
And I've been hunting him ever since.
But now that I've caught him … why can't I tear my eyes away from him? How can I be so attracted to the man who killed my dad?
And why is he trying to tell me that I'm in danger?
One hot night of passion and some really ugly truths turn my world upside down as I realize that neither Armand nor my father were the people I thought.
But when I find out I'm carrying the assassin's child, it's not the only revelation that rocks my world.
It turns out that Dad wasn't the only one in the family who was keeping secrets.
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