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The Anger Management Workbook for Teens

The Anger Management Workbook For Teens: Find Simple Ways of Managing Anger And How To Control Anger In Teens And Kids

Have you ever wondered how to control anger?

Have you tried some steps to managing your anger but failed?

Is there any other way that you can still be angry without making the situation worse?

Can you direct your anger to something positive in your life that will help you?

Are there practical strategies in anger management for teens that you can adopt in controlling your anger?

As a teenager, there are times that you feel you have to let out and express your anger without any form of limitation.

Here, in this anger management workbook for teens, you will find:

Activities to help you in managing your anger

Simple steps to keep you encouraged all through your anger management exercises

Guide on how to control anger and turn it into a positive action

Practical ways to deal with situations that can lead to anger

Find ways on how to handle anger in both school and family.

The twenty-three exercises in this anger management workbook for teens will help you to know when anger is about to start and what step you can take to control it. It will explain to you through practical exercises what causes your anger and how to control your anger. As a teenager, the exercise in this book will give you a direct explanation on knowing how your family anger can influence what you have been experiencing in your life. Following these exercises every day, you can find ways to control your anger.

The days of anger are over with this anger management book for teens.

Wait no longer, Get this book now.
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