Alain de Botton

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On Love is globally bestselling novelist-philosopher Alain De Botton’s iconic debut—the novel that launched his decorated literary career; and a funny, profound, and searingly true-to-life exploration of love.A man and a woman meet over casual conversation on a flight from Paris to London, and so begins a love story—from fist kiss to first argument, elation to heartbreak, and everything in between. Each stage of the relationship is illuminated with starling clarity, as de Botton explores emotions often felt but rarely understood. Now, in tandem with the arrival of The Course of Love—de Botton’s first novel in twenty years and one about mature love—we celebrate the timeless debut about young love that serves as The Course of Love’s precursor and companion.Reissued with a brilliant introduction by the New York Times bestselling author of How Should a Person Be?, Shelia Heti, On Love is a contemporary classic that should be read by anyone who has ever fallen in love.
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    It is the kind of book which content you know already, but emphasised with philosophical thoughts behind why we love the way we do; why love often is associated with pain. Most of all, it's a book which sentences are strung together in the most wonderful way that sing to you. Witty, eloquent, poignant, all in the right way. Alain de Botton is a master in his own right.

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    Interesting thoughts and a different view of love

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    Beauty is the promise of happiness
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    It was the error of thinking that Chloe, rather than love, was inevitable.
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    . My mistake was to confuse a destiny to love with a destiny to love a given person

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