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Perez Dalton

How to Deal with Angry People Without Strangling Them to Death

Anger Management Techniques

Identifying an angry person is the first breakthrough in dealing with angry people. Passivity is the common mistake most people do when dealing with an angry person. An angry person might be toxic and negative, so you have to actively work towards reaching a solution, putting them in a corner and actually controlling the situations that have to do with them.

Shift yourself from being the target of rage and go towards a particular peace of mind, where reaching a distant goal will become even easier.

In this book, you will find out elaborate ways to deal with angry people so you don't strangle them to death. You will learn smart communication skills, conflict resolution strategies and self-management techniques that will help you in solving issues regarding anger or rage.

This book is for you who want to change things around and cultivate a better relationship both at a professional and personal level.
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