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Barbara Cartland

The Penniless Peer

Eighteen-year-old Fenella is a mischievous as her freckled elfin beauty and feline green eyes suggest — but beneath that puckish charm she hides her ardent desire to do all in her power to make her beloved cousin Periquine, Lord Corbury, happy.
When to her chagrin the dashing Lord returns from the Napoleonic War after fighting with Wellington, penniless and passionately in love with another — a woman of great wealth and even greater beauty, whom he cannot marry without wealth of his own, Fenella sacrifices her private passion to his wellbeing.
Laying her life and her love on the line, she joins Periquine in a swashbuckling and death-defying life of crime as highwaymen, robbers and smugglers. Will their exploits reap the riches he needs? And will Fenella’s all-conquering love remain unrequited? Only when Perequine faces losing her forever will he find the answer in his heart…
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    “But at the same time it is a question of man to man, and the strongest wins, even if he does hold a pistol in one hand.”

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