The Search

Human beings have an inbuilt drive or urge to search for the inner power that is needed to reach our true potential. This search is the search for the origins and meaning of life itself.We are here, we have life – but we don’t know what life really is. We can feel our energy, but don’t know where this energy comes from and to what goal this energy is going. We are that energy, we have glimpses of its true source and our connection to it, and those glimpses keep us going even when it seems we will never find what we are seeking – but still we do not know what that energy is.An ancient Zen story symbolizes the search for the source of this life. Zen master Kakuan’s story of The Ten Bulls of Zen is a teaching that uses ten images, each representing a particular step on the journey of experiencing and understanding it means to be a conscious and aware human being.Osho takes us through this story and its lessons for the traveler on a journey into the inner world – that’s what meditation is all about according to him. But reaching the pure, uncluttered freedom of meditation is not the end. The circle is only complete when the seeker comes back into the marketplace of the world, but as a transformed person.This is a book that belongs in the hands of everyone who is on the search, beginning the search, or just thinking about the search.The book is illustrated with ten original images of Gomizen’s Ten Bulls of Zen from the Fuzoku Tenri Library, Tenri University, Japan.
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    Nurlan Süleymanovmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    You are not worried at all about who you are – that is not a real quest – but about what people think you are. Hence you go on decorating yourself. Your morality, your virtue, is nothing but a decoration so that in others’ eyes you can look beautiful, good, righteous, religious. But this is at a great loss.
    Nurlan Süleymanovmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    You say: This man is good. What do you mean? And then you say: That man is bad. What do you mean? You say: This man is a saint, and that man is a sinner. What do you mean? Have you ever seen a sinner in whom the saint has completely disappeared? Have you ever seen a saint in whom the sinner has completely disappeared? The difference may be of degrees; it is not black and white.
    olgazurowskamembuat kutipan5 bulan yang lalu
    hat’s why people, when they retire, die sooner. Psychoanalysts say that life is cut by at least ten years. Politicians, when they are in power, are very healthy; once they are out of power, their health disappears, they die soon. Once out of power, their whole identity starts disappearing like a dream. Out of the office, suddenly you are nobody. You have been nobody your whole life, but you go on believing in the fictions that you create around you.

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