Ph.D.,Marianne Maynard

Take Charge of Your Thoughts

You are your thoughts — you create your life. In author Marianne Maynard's powerful book, Take Charge of Your Thought--Create Your Ideal Life, you will learn how to take control of your life through examination of your highest ideals to achieve limitless success. Through an innovative step-by-step process, Maynard outlines how to focus your thoughts in order to enhance the quality of your life and accomplish your goals — however grand they may seem to you. You'll learn how to become conscious of your thought process and how those processes have everything to do with where you are at this point in your life. The steps include using auto-suggestions and affirmations, believing in your dreams, and respecting your body as a temple by choosing a healthy physical and spiritual lifestyle. Incorporating the steps suggested in the book will enable you to express your highest ideals and live a prosperous and harmonious life Take the first step — this book will become a personal and precious instrument guiding you to your own unique destiny.
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  • Menna Abu Zahramembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    concrete ways to expand your self-awareness, increase your ability to fulfill your dreams, and use your inner creative powers to manifest a positive and harmonious life.
  • Menna Abu Zahramembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    takes knowledge, skills, and focused thought to maintain a harmonious and balanced life.

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