Robin Austin Reed

The Gentleman’s Style Guide

You don’t have to struggle to understand the complex world of fashion. Learn who you are as a man, develop your own unique image and then compliment that with great clothes that are comfortable and require easy care.

Women decide if they can trust a man by how he cares for himself. Looking great gives you the confidence to have empowered relationships.

Employers judge you based on your appearance in the first six seconds. If you can’t blend with their culture, you won’t land the job. I’ll show you how to show up wearing clothes that builds confidence.

Readers learn how to:

Develop unshakable internal confidence.

Feel great by dressing in stylish and complimentary ways.

Avoid common fashion mistakes.

Build your wardrobe cost-effectively.

Have fun in shopping efficiently.

The Gentleman’s Style Guide — Land the Job. Get the Girl. Feel Great.
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