Lee Davis

The Anger Management Workbook For Men And Women

Are you looking for strategies on How to Control Anger?

Do you find your anger emotions too strong to control?

Are you frustrated by the fact that others are always making you Angry?

Are you looking for anger management techniques that will keep you calm all the time?

Do you feel tired of trying to manage your anger?

Have you realised that your anger feelings are linked to other things?

This Anger Management Workbook for Men and Women will help you:

Control your anger emotions

Simple steps to become the master of your anger emotions

Practical steps for anger management

How you can let go of hurt

How to heal your anger

The useful anger management techniques addressed in Anger Management Workbook For Men And Women include:

Ten exercises with questions that will help you to control your anger

Anger management skills that will you keep you encouraged as you work on your anger feelings

Making the most use of your anger moments to control the future occurrence of anger.

Use people as your anger keys to understanding their impact on you.

You will find constructive ways to express your anger without harming others.

This Anger Management Workbook deals with situations like:

Dealing with every day anger situations

Ways to handle the anger of others

How your thoughts can control your anger

Why some thoughts fail to control your anger

How to use your body as your anger management key

Anger has ruined the society. Some of the gruesome scenes of murder in the society today have their root in anger. From the physical expression of violence to silent grudges, the chief culprit is still anger. Nobody is free from this scourge of anger. Your toddler, children and teens are all caught up by this natural feeling of human beings. The good news is, instead of letting the anger control you, now you can find simple ways to manage your anger. There are ten exercises in this book. They are to be carried out one after the other. You are not to rush through them so that you do not miss the lessons contained in each exercise.

How this Anger management workbook will help you as a woman:

Your leadership features as a good mom to your kids are better shown when you manage situations that can prevent people from coming close to you so that they can learn from you. As a woman, your children will have a role model to learn from. When you control your anger, you are transferring to them an asset for anger management.

How this book Anger Management Workbook for men and women will help you as a man:

You can be a better role model for your family, and enjoy a good relationship with everyone. Being a man, you are the book that others read. They are learning from you. Decide to give them a good manual, an anger-free life.

The 1st Edition

The first edition of this book, the Anger Management Workbook For Men and Women was written in simple language to help you identify your trigger and control your anger. It has served as a source of anger management relief to many readers. You can find in that book a temporal anger management plan that will keep your focus on working on our anger feelings. The download link for that book is available inside this book.

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