Angela Kelly Robeck

The Empowered Principal

The Empowered Principal is for the new principal who feels overwhelmed by the responsibility they have taken on as a school leader. It’s no surprise principals feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Every day, they deal with federal and state regulations, district policies, and parental pressures. The expectations on educators are higher than ever, tempting many principals to consider alternate livelihoods. Former school leader and teacher Angela Kelly Robeck helps principals who feel discouraged at the lack of control they feel over their job and personal life, allowing them to find a new perspective on working to exhaustion, saying yes when they don’t want to, and completely dreading going to work each day.
The Empowered Principal provides relief for readers by pointing out that they have the power and ability to manage the results in their life by adjusting their approach and being mindful of their thoughts and emotional state—regardless of whether they choose to stay in their job or even pursue an alternate career. Angela shares how to manage feelings of overwhelm, reasons why school leaders stay in their jobs, how to confidently stay or peacefully go (and how to choose, and why educators are afraid to speak up. The Empowered Principal guides principals to reform the way they live and work as an educational leader and allows them to work each day with joy and accomplishment.
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