Anton Rippon

How Britain Kept Calm and Carried On

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    AA – Anti-Aircraft
    AC2 – Aircraftsman 2nd Class
    AFS – Auxiliary Fire Service
    ARP – Air Raid Precautions
    ATS – Auxiliary Territorial Service
    CD – Civil Defence
    CO – Commanding Officer
    ENSA – Entertainments National Service Association
    GCO – General Commanding Officer
    HE – High Explosive (bomb)
    JP – Justice of the Peace
    KP – Kitchen Patrol
    LDV – Local Defence Volunteers
    MEF – Middle East Forces
    MO – Medical Officer
    MP – Military Policeman
    NAAFI – Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
    NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer
    NFS – National Fire Service
    RAF – Royal Air Force
    RAMC – Royal Army Medical Corps
    RASC – Royal Army Service Corps
    REME – Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    RNVR – Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    RSM – Regimental Sergeant Major
    SAS – Special Air Service
    USAAF – United States of America Air Force
    UXB – Unexploded Bomb
    VAD – Voluntary Aid Detachment
    WAAF – Women’s Auxiliary Air Force
    WRNS – Women’s Royal Naval Service
    WVC – Women’s Voluntary Corps
    WVS – Women’s Voluntary Service
    YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association
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