Curtis Morley

The Entrepreneur's Paradox

They don’t teach these principles in business school. These lessons can only come from the entrepreneurial book of life.” —Kevin Cope, author of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Seeing the Big Picture
What is the “entrepreneur’s paradox”? Curtis Morley explains that the exact qualities that aid an individual in founding a startup company—brilliance and expertise—are what prevent them from realizing expected success. What starts as freedom and financial independence turns into grueling hours, stress, bills, and ultimately failure. This is the paradox that is entrepreneurship.
Morley is here to show startup businesspersons how to achieve the golden rule of successful entrepreneurs—5x results. That’s achieving five dollars in revenue for every dollar spent on marketing, advertising, sales, and any other growth expenses—a goal he himself has achieved and exceeded. By coaching clients on the sixteen pitfalls faced by all startups, he has promoted entrepreneurship development in multiple industries, sharpened skills, and revealed the keys to superior, next-level growth. This guidebook contains all you need to conquer the entrepreneur’s paradox and put yourself on a defined pathway to business success, while avoiding pitfalls like:
· Climbing without a map
· Building not selling
· Losing sight of culture
“Shows prospective business men and women how to reach their goals while creating a launchpad for a business.” —Daily Herald
“The playbook for startup success.” —Sean Covey, president of FranklinCovey and coauthor of the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The 4 Disciplines of Execution
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