Firdos Tarannum

Unsaid feelings

About the book:
This book is a collection of poems written by the author in her teenage years. this book is a combination of all the feelings which usually one goes through and fails to describe oneself. the reader may connect oneself to his feelings being generated by putting into the right words in a beautiful form.

thanking you,
About the author:
Firdos Tarannum is a teacher, with a degree in bachelor of science.
She completed her school education in holy family school of Sindhanur, and completed her science field education in a renowned college called smj pu college, sindhanur.
Her only dream is to educate her child first about the religion, then to try have a weekend class for neighborhood children and often conduct workshop for dealing with mental health. At the same time, keeping herself educated and learn something everyday and teach something often so that this journey of her is continued by her children in sha Allah.
If one loves something truly then it is the sole responsibility of oneself to take care of surroundings and their talent as well while fulfilling all their responsibilities
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