Diana von Welanetz Wentworth,Rhonda Swan

Women Gone Wild: Wealth

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“There are so many women breaking through glass ceilings right now, and I love that this book teaches us how to do that without fear!” —Santia Deck, founder of Tronus Footwear
Have you ever thought that wealth means more than monetary gains?
Do you think happiness can stem from more than just money?
Are you ready to redefine wealth?
Then this is the book for you. Filled with stories from women who have contributed to the new definition of wealth and have helped others find a more abundant life, Women Gone Wild: Wealth gives you the raw, unfiltered truth of what wealth really is. These healers, mothers, and thought leaders have freed themselves from the perceived value of money and the stereotyped role of a woman. They have learned to live their life and grow their businesses on their own terms. What you’ll learn within these pages is how to strengthen your non-monetary assets and gains to create more wealth in your life. Maximize yourself as a brand Uplifting ideas of women empowerment Passion lending to purposeful work The hidden wealth within holistic health Wild ways of connecting with others
It’s our time as women to live financially free—fearlessly. We are being called to awaken our consciousness, consider our impact, and reconnect to ourselves and each other. Join these authors to learn how to run wild in the world and create the golden life you’ve always wanted.
“I’m excited to see more women stepping into their power as investors and entrepreneurs. This book will help open the doors for more women to believe they can do it too.” —Kevin Harrington, the Original Shark from Shark Tank
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