Vonda McIntyre


The healer Snake travels through a post-apocalyptic world with her genetically engineered serpents, the cobra Mist and the rattlesnake Sand, and with the alien dreamsnake Grass, whose venom eases pain and the fear of death. Dreamsnake won the Nebula, Hugo, Locus, and Pacific Northwest Booksellers' Awards. Vonda N. McIntyre's Nebula-winning novel, The Moon and the Sun, has been optioned by Bill Mechanic (executive producer of The New World) and Pandemonium Films (Coraline).
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    A must read for sci-fi fans! Also loved the last part describing the author's writing process.


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    The spring after that, if I haven’t returned, forget me. Wherever I am, if I live, I will forget you
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    When he raised his head, there were tears on his cheeks.
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    You said it yourself, you can’t know all the customs and all the fears.”

    “I’m crippled,” she said. “Without Grass, if I can’t heal a person, I can’t help at all. We don’t have many dreamsnakes. I have to go home and tell my teachers I’ve lost one, and hope they can forgive my stupidity. They seldom give the name I bear, but they gave it to me, and they’ll be disappointed.

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