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The Marketer's Playbook

The Marketer's Playbook: The CMO's Guide to Modern Marketing
“The Marketer's Playbook” is an invaluable step-by-step guide for how to construct a complete modern marketing system.
Marketing pro Tony Quin cuts through the confusion and complexity of today’s marketing landscape and reveal what’s important and what’s not. In easy to follow steps the authors explain how companies can create a modern marketing system designed for today's digitally savvy consumers.

In seven layers “The Marketer’s Playbook” builds a modern marketing system from the ground up.

Think Before You Act – develop the strategic plan that shows you what to do.
The Engine for Growth – ensure you have healthy brand ready to go to market.
Hello World – connect with consumers for the first time.
Courting Success – cultivate prospects until they are ready to become buyers.
Closing the Deal – convert prospects into customers.
Winning the Marathon – keep customers and turn them into advocates.
Firing on All Cylinders – how to build and operate the system.

Subjects covered include:

The 10 steps to a great marketing strategy.
Turning your plan into an execution Playbook and Roadmap.
The marketing technology you really need and how to get your company behind it.
When to use media, from print to digital, and how to get the mix right.
Mastering the challenges of making world-class content.
Growing customer Lifetime Value.
Digital marketing strategy.
Mobile marketing and ecommerce.
Integrating marketing and sales
How to win against larger competitors.

“The Marketer’s Playbook” lays out what to do and when to do it. From what goes into a marketing plan to how to nurture leads. It shows what processes, people, technology and consumer insights are needed at each step. It examines how to shift a company culture from product-oriented to consumer-oriented, how to get employee support, how to use marketing agencies, and how to get your budget approved.

For any executive focused on financial services marketing, consumer goods marketing, CMO digital marketing or best marketing practices, this timely book is your playbook.
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